What if you had a simple* blueprint to turn more visitors into clients?

Start with your strategy first, so that you save yourself TIME. I cover the overall strategy, which pages you need to update, marketing, and how to distribute your content once it’s ready to publish. You are going to feel so CONFIDENT about your strategic website! 

*Yes, I mean actually simple. These trainings don’t use fancy jargon or buzzwords, I make it as easy as possible for you to take action after watching them!

Learn from workshops about About pages, Home pages, sales pages, Google Analytics, optimizing for search, what you legally need on your website, and more!

You want to be seen as an expert. You want more clients. You want better SEO. I’ll teach you the simple way to do that.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Step 1: Choose Your Path

    • Overview

    • Identifying Your Focus

    • Evaluating Your Website + Getting Started

  • 2

    Step 2: Set the Stage

    • Step 2 Checklist

    • Your Home Page

    • Your About Page

    • About Page Blueprint

    • Sales Page Blueprint

    • Setup Google Analytics

    • Sales (and Services) Pages

  • 3

    Step 3: Increase Traffic

    • Step 3 Checklist

    • Using Pinterest to Get More Website Traffic

    • SEO Page Titles

    • Blogging Strategies to Boost Your SEO

    • Understanding Meta Descriptions

    • How to Get More Online Features and Publicity

    • Mini-Training: Re-Optimizing Old Content

    • SEO Audits

    • How to Do Keyword Research

    • Topic Clusters

  • 4

    Step 4: Build Your Influence

    • Step 4 Checklist

    • Building Authority and Social Proof

    • Understanding Google Analytics

    • Creating Your Resources Page

    • Creating Your Speaking Page

    • Using Instagram Video with Christina Olivarez

  • 5

    Bonus Trainings + Tutorials

    • My Favorite Apps, Resources, and Plugins

    • Create Your Mock Linktree (for Instagram) in Wordpress with Divi

    • Create Your Mock Linktree (for Instagram) in Squarespace

    • How to Setup a Tripwire on Wordpress

    • Make Twitter Graphics for Instagram

    • Landing Page Blueprint

    • Creating Your Client Onboarding Systems

  • 6

    Guest Workshops

    • How to Pitch Yourself (with Brittney Lynn)

    • How to Add Public Speaking to Your Business with Jessica Rasdall

    • Legally Protecting Your Website and Content with Sam Vander Wielen

    • Using LinkedIn for Your Business with Cassandra Thompson

    • Creating Intake Forms That Sell with Heidi Taylor

    • Creating Your Social Media Strategy with Andrea Jones

    • Email Marketing with Aleia Walker

    • Creating Your Client Copy Bank with Michael Bucchianeri

    • Creating a Content Organization System with Kate Rufener

    • Creating a Business Hub with Ashley Stewart

    • Digital Accessibility with Myrna Daramy

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