Podcasts are booming! Don't let the tech side keep you from starting.

"I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for years, but the tech parts always seemed to hold me back. I simply didn’t know where to start. And then came Jess! She has such a way of making the hard things feel easy, and better yet, doable! After her help, I was able to start my podcast and now I’ve been in pre-production for a month! I gave several episodes, including interviews recorded & ready for my big launch next month. She covers ALL the questions & tells you what you absolutely need & makes it clear the things that you don’t need right now. That’s so valuable. I can highly recommend Jess’s course and it definitely helped being able to ask her questions in Slack as I was implementing. Grab her course, and just start recording today!"

- Ginny Krauss

What's included:

  • 1

    Podcast Tech 101

    • Getting Started

    • Setting Up Audioboom and Connecting to iTunes

    • How to Streamline Your Interview Process

    • How to Edit Your Podcast in Adobe Premiere Pro

    • Podcast Episode Upload Process

    • Making Audiograms + Getting Your Podcast Transcribed

    • Podcast Upload Checklist

    • Podcasting Setup, Recording, and Editing FAQ

    • Optional $100 Upgrade: Weekly Slack access to me


  • What is NOT included?

    I'm not teaching you how to interview guests or review podcast analytics.

  • What's the Slack access upgrade?

    If you're interested, you can upgrade to get Slack access to me in one-week increments for only $100/week.

  • Do I have to use Audioboom as my podcast host?

    Nope, but that's the only one I teach you about in this mini-course.

  • What if I don't have a website?

    You can still have a podcast :)

  • What if I don't have Adobe Premiere Pro?

    All editing software acts *pretty* similar, so watching the tutorial may help you better grasp the editing workflow. I can't make any promises though :) The FAQ inside the mini course does have suggestions for other editing software as well.

  • Why do you only show how to connect to iTunes?

    Because the process is pretty similar (and even easier!) for all the other platforms (Spotify, Stitcher, etc.).

  • Are there refunds?


Ready to start your podcast?

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Jessica Freeman


I'm Jess, award-winning designer and owner of Jess Creatives. I've had a consistent 3-4 month waitlist for five years, and have had brands to pay me to produce content when I had less than 1,000 followers on social media. This course is for you if you want to learn how I produced over 300 blog posts, 250 videos, and two podcasts as a one-woman business, and was featured over 40 times online (including in Glamour Magazine and Buzzfeed!) in ONE year.