Website isn't helping your biz? Let's fix that!

Your website should be your hardest-working employee, and if not... we need to do something about it. 

This mini-course is comprised of seven workshops from different experts to cover the basics of what makes a good website AND how to drive traffic to it.

Whether you are just about to build your first website or you need to refresh what you have, this mini-course is about to make everything easier!

What's inside the FREE mini-course:

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    • The Recipe for a Profitable Website

    • How to Convey Genuine Credibility on Your Site (Without Treating It Like a Glorified Resume)

    • 6 Things You Need to Legally Protect Your Website

    • SEO Made Simple

    • Getting Started with Google Analytics (GA4)

    • Unlock Website Traffic Potential: How a Blog Content Strategy Can Scale Your Business

    • The Social Media Sales Funnel