Presenting the Site Savvy Bundle - your ultimate guide to mastering and leveraging your business website.

This isn't just a product - it's a promise to equip you with the skills and confidence to take control of your online presence.

Sure, you could hire a pricey expert to do it all for you. But why pay for an expert when you can become one? With the Site Savvy Bundle, you become the expert. You won't just learn how to manage your website - you'll master the ability to mold your website to your vision.

What's Inside

  • 1

    Website Blueprints

    • Quarterly Website Audit Kit

    • Quarterly Website Audit Kit (Google Sheet)

    • Home Page Blueprint

  • 2

    Backend Basics: Squarespace and Wordpress

    • Overview

    • Backend of Squarespace 7.0

    • Design Settings in Squarespace 7.1

    • Backend of Wordpress

    • Bonus: Understanding Divi Theme (Wordpress)

    • Backend Basics (Squarespace) PDF

    • Backend Basics (Wordpress) PDF

It's not about the list of resources - it's about the benefits that come from mastering your website:

Save Time & Money: Forget about costly web developers or time-consuming DIY attempts. With the Site Savvy Bundle, you get the know-how to handle it yourself, quickly and efficiently.

Full Control: Want to make a change at 2 a.m.? No problem! You have the skills and the resources to do it. You're no longer at the mercy of someone else's schedule.

Increased Confidence: No more tech stress! With your newfound knowledge, you can approach your website with the confidence of a seasoned pro.

Business Growth: A well-managed, engaging website is a customer magnet. You'll see increased traffic, better conversion rates, and ultimately, more profit for your business.